Equipments needed to start a Dry cleaning/laundry business in Nigeria

Dry cleaning business is also called laundry business. This business is one of the most profitable businesses you can start with just little capital and make huge profits within a short period of time. Dry cleaning/laundry business is all activity that involves washing, cleaning, drying and ironing of all types of clothes or textile articles used. The most interesting fact is that the equipments needed to start the business are very few and affordable.

This business is very lucrative and profitable not only in Nigeria, but also in all part of the world as working class parents are majority and are very busy every day not having time for themselves talk more of there clothes, bed sheets and other textile articles. With little or no capital, you can get all the necessary equipments needed for starting up a dry cleaning business.

In this article, I’ll guide you through all you need to know about starting a dry cleaning/laundry business – the basic equipments needed, the cost of starting, easiest to start up the business and how to start up the business even without any cash or some capital.

Equipments needed to start a dry cleaning/laundry business in Nigeria

To start up a successful dry cleaning business, you will need the following basic equipments
1. Generator: This is considered the backbone of this business. It is very important due to the unsteadiness of electricity power supply in Nigeria. With this, you can power your pressing iron and washing machine– the basics to run the business successfully.

2. Washing machine: This is required as an assistant to hand washing mechanism. Human hand will tire and wear out easily when large number of clothes are involved. Whereas, machine would work constantly 24/7 to make you washing faster and your business lot more easier and less stressful. This is one of the most required equipment in dry cleaning business.

3. Dryer: This equipment is the second most important, you need after the washing machine. The drying machine is needed the most in places where there chances of rainfall are always high. Clothes may be unable to dry well in order to put on.

So, you’ll need this machine to do the primary drying–that is removal of water completely from clothes or textile materials. If you are planning on starting a large scale laundry business, the importance of this machine cannot be overemphasized.

4. Pressing iron: pressing iron is one of the basic equipments needed in dry cleaning business. This equipment has a number of uses in the industry which includes; completing the drying process after using the drying machine, it is also used to prevent germs, pathogens and potential diseases from clothes.

Most importantly, it is used to smoothen rough surfaces and wrinkles off the clothe after the washing process. So that the garment might look neat, clean and presentable to the owner and onlookers.

5. Packaging bags: This is a transparent, waterproof like bag that is used to package clothes after ironing. It is the last stage of the finishing process in fabric production or decoration. It helps the clothe last longer, look neat and presentable, it also aids in protecting the clothe.

6. Water: Water source is very important in dry cleaning/laundry business. You’ll need water in washing the clothes and in ironing too. You will need a regular water supply for your laundry business to successful.

7. Hangers: This equipment or provision is very important in order to run the business effectively. You’ll require a hanging stand where you can hang the cloth and let them sun dry.

8. Buckets: this is a very essential tool or equipment in this business. You’ll require the buckets to wash clothes, rinse them and for starch mixing too.

9. Detergents/starch: These are very important materials you shouldn’t look down on. I guess you already know there uses. They are one of the most important stuffs you will need to start a laundry business, whether small scale or large scale.

10. Chemicals: These are man made materials used for enhancement of clothe washing or laundry. For instance hypo, gik, chemical for rust removal etc.

You can contact a friend in that field for more info. regarding the best chemicals for your location and how to use them.
To a large extent, these are the confirmed equipments and material needed for starting dry cleaning/laundry business all over the world.

Cost of starting a dry cleaning business

To start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria, you’ll need to calculate the cost. For a small scale laundry business you will require about N170,000
Here is the analysis:

Generator ~ N70,000–120,000

Washing machine ~N30,000–N70,000

Dryer ~N30,000–N70,000
Note: in some cases, it comes together with the washing machine.

Pressing iron ~N10,000–N30,000

Miscellaneous ~N5000–N10,000

Keep in mind that this analysis excludes shop rent and advertising costs. This is just an average, basic cost you’ll need to start up a medium dry cleaning business.

How to start a dry cleaning/laundry business

To start a profitable dry cleaning business, you’ll need to follow through the detailed guidelines below:

1. Location: To be more successful in dry cleaning/laundry business, you need a very good location for you business. You will grow in the business faster if you are in a place where there are working class parents who are barely chanced, a location closer to a high institution or a place closer to a popular or growing company. You also need to stay in a place where no one else is doing the same thing around. This is important to reduce competition.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is nearness to clean water source whether bore hole supply or spring to make your washing more efficient and less stressful. If your preferred location is not near to a clean water, you can consider fetching some gallons of water early in the morning that you will require throughout the day.

You need to factor these in mind before choosing a preferred location.

2. Set up your base: After you’ve found a suitable location, another thing is to set up your business. Get your equipments, tools and materials ready to work. Laundry business is very easy to set up. You need no much work to start.

3. Advertise/promote your business: After setting up your base, you need to let people know about your business. Start with your friends, and relatives. In just a few days, people passing by would notice what’s going on there.

Another effective way to advertise your business is to make a flyer which you would share to people around the neighborhood to announce your business. This will help you grow faster.

How profitable is this business in Nigeria?

Dry cleaning/laundry is a very profitable business not only in Nigeria, but all over the world especially in developing countries. To give you an overview of how profitable this business is in Nigeria, if you should set washing and ironing of a shirt at N500 and you wash up to 10 shirt per day, you are making cool N5,000.

Then you set trouser washing and ironing N400 and a pair of suit for N1200. Collectively, you would be making up to N7000 per day with machines doing most of the work.

I believe with this simple analysis, you’ve come to realize that dry cleaning business is a very profitable one. With just little work and just a few capital, you can set up a successful laundry business at any country or region you reside.
What if you do not have enough capital to start up your business, what can you do?

How to start up a successful dry cleaning business without any money

It is very possible to start a dry cleaning business without any capital at hand. You can simply do this my offering home service to people and your neighbors around. Speak with them to find out which times they will be at home so as to wash their clothes and their home textile materials.

After washing, you’ll be paid. Without spending any penny, both detergents and water will be provided for you.
This is just the easiest way to start laundry business without any money or cash at hand.

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SOURCE: gidihow research center 

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