Access bank payDay loan, code to borrow money from access bank


Access bank payday loan is a type a loan issued to access bank customers by just dialing a code on your phone. The intent of this loan is to solve personal needs before end of the month when they will get paid. (This works for both company workers and non company workers)

You can get this access bank quick loan easily by just dialing the code below on your phone. This loan offered by access bank does not require any collateral or paper work.

Access bank loan code

The access bank USSD loan code is *901*11*1#. This is the code you will use to borrow money from access bank.

You can get access to the payday loan quickly by dialing the code on your phone. Just dial the above loan code in the sim you used to register for an account in access bank.


You can also get this loan through internet Banking which enables you to borrow money online instantly or even Access Bank’s WhatsApp Banking platform.

Loan Requirements

To be eligible for access bank loan, you must:

1. Have good credit score— you must have no outstanding loan in Access bank or any other bank

2. A phone number that is linked to your BVN. You can check your BVN now.

3. Evidence of previous month salary payment

4. You must have an active bank account in  access bank

Access Bank payday loan interest rate

The Access bank payday loan interest rate is 3% flat and this is subject to prevailing market conditions. This means that your interest rate may be different from 3%. Make sure to confirm your interest rate before applying.

Access bank loan loan repayment

To repay access loan, you do not need to dial any code.

The bank would automatically deduct it from your account once you receive your salary at the end of the month.


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