Dessi media investment 2022: All you should know before investing

Dessi media investment is an Affiliate and Investment platform which pays members 55% roi which yield after the end of each investment. They make their money by engaging into forex, real estate, international trade and other back up investment enterprise.

The spectacular thing about dessi media investment is that, you don’t not need to do anything, just invest and relax for either 30 or 120 days depending on the plan you choose




Dessii Media Investment plan

DIAMOND N300K (N465,000


Copper N10K (N15K

BRONZE N20K (N31,000

SILVER N50k (N77,500

SILICON N100K (N155,000


GOLD N200K (N310,000

JEWEL N500K (N775,000



AMBER N5M (N7.55M)

Dessi Media Withdrawal process

Once you earned and reached the duration for withdrawal, kindly visit your dashboard and fill the withdrawal form. Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours upon applying for withdrawals.


Dessii Media Referral earnings

For most online platform, the referral model follows a pattern, all company wants to promote its product, app or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.

Dessi Media provides an opportunity to earn on the platform through the referral system, you earn a huge referral commission when you bring someone to join the platform with any of the packages, each package has a different referral commission.

The referral commission you earn are as follows;

  1. Copper – N500
  2. Bronze – N1000
  3. Silver – N2500
  4. Silicon – N5000
  5. Gold – N10,000
  6. Jewel – N25,000
  7. Pearl – N50,000
  8. Ruby – N75,000
  9. Amber N100,000


Dessii Media Registration

It is very easy to register in dessi media investment. You just need the following;

  • Email Address
  • User Name
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Info
  • Password

Dessi Media Login

Before you have access to Dessi Media login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Dessi Media investment, you just need the following:


  • User name
  • Password

Is Dessi Media investment Legit

In ascertaining the credibility of a platform before outrightly assuming that Dessii Media is scam or Dessii Media is legit is very discreet, this makes a lot of factors even the slightest one so so important.


A legitimate Platform will have contact details on its site. If it is just a web contact form, without an address, email, and phone number you should probably be wary. Additionally, the name Monday Desmond has appeared along the line as the CEO.


I personally don’t think this platform is here to stay for long, after all no one stays forever. Their business model remains private and they can confidently close down any day due to server downtime keeping investors in the dark

Is Dessi Media Scam

Well, for now we do not have any valid reason or evidence to conclude that dessi media investment scam. But we will welcome your opinion the comment box. This wold be helpful to others who are looking for this review. Please when you do, don’t forget to be kind and courteous.


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