Top 10 most lucrative small business idea in Nigeria you can start in 2023

Nigeria is a country with a large population and a rapidly growing economy, making it an ideal place for entrepreneurs to maximize their freedom to start their own small businesses. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to begin and which is more lucrative.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 small business ideas you can start in Nigeria and the steps you’ll need to take to get started and grow it within a short period of time.


Small business ideas to start up in 2023

1. Food Selling and Delivery Service

One of the most popular and lucrative small business ideas in Nigeria is starting a food delivery service. With busy lifestyles and the convenience of ordering food from the comfort of one’s home, many people are looking for quick and easy meal solutions. You can start this business by partnering with local restaurants and cafes, or by cooking meals yourself for your customers to buy or delivering them directly to your customers.


2. Tailoring and Fashion Design

Fashion and style are big business in Nigeria, and there’s always a demand for quality tailoring and fashion design services. Whether you’re an expert seamstress or just have a good eye for style, starting a tailoring or fashion design business can be a lucrative venture.

3. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is another popular small business idea in Nigeria. With many students looking for extra help with their studies, starting an online tutoring service can be a great way to use your skills and knowledge to help students and at the same time, earning a good income.


4. Dry Cleaning and Home Organization Services

Dry Cleaning and home organization services are in high demand in Nigeria, especially among busy professionals, businessmen and families. If you have a talent for cleanliness, organization and a keen eye for detail, this could be the perfect business for you. How to start a dry cleaning business

5. Event Planning

Event planning is a fast-paced and exciting industry that offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship. Whether you’re organizing weddings, parties, or corporate events, there’s always a need for skilled event planners.

6. Digital Marketing

With more and more businesses moving online, digital marketing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of business success. If you have experience in this field, you could start a digital marketing agency and help other businesses improve their online presence. But, make sure you know what you are doing first.

7. Pet Care Services

Pet care is a growing untapped industry in Nigeria, and there’s a high demand for quality pet care services. Whether you’re offering dog-walking services, pet sitting, or grooming services, this could be a great lucrative business to start if you love animals.

8. Personal Training

Personal training is a lucrative business opportunity for fitness enthusiasts in Nigeria. If you’re passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals, whether gym or weight loss classes etc. Starting a personal training business could be the perfect career for you.

9. Catering Services

Catering services are in high demand in Nigeria, especially for events and special occasions. Whether you’re offering catering services for corporate events, weddings, or private parties, this could be a great business to start if you love cooking and entertainment

10. E-commerce Platform

Finally, starting an e-commerce platform is another great small business idea in Nigeria. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, there’s a growing demand for e-commerce platforms that offer a wide range of products and services. All you need to do is to register and get started.

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Starting a small business in Nigeria can be a goldmine with a long term prospect of growing. But it’s important to choose the right business idea for you, from one highlighted in this article. Whether you’re interested in starting a food delivery service, a tailoring business, or an e-commerce platform, there’s a small business idea out there for everyone. With hard work, dedication, and the right plan, you can turn your small business idea into a thriving enterprise


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