Secucash instant loan: Get instant legit loan in Nigeria

Secucash loan app is a lending platform in Nigeria gives customers Instant Online Loans with just few steps. You can get personal loan of up to ₦100,000 unsecured from this loan app.

Secucash loan requires no collateral or paperwork. In addition to giving loan, this platform offers the following service


– Get an account number and use it to receive money from anyone in Nigeria

– Add money to your account


– Send money to any bank account for FREE

– Pay your bills


Loan term

Secucash Loan period ranges from  91 days to 180 days. During this period, you are expected to repay your loan. *Please note that this loan platform give you several options for you to select when you want to repay the loan.


Loan amount

The Maximum loan limit is 1,000 NGN — 100,000NGN

Interest rate

Low interest (maximum APR): 19% per year


For loans of 20,000 NGN with a term During 91 days, the fees charged are as follows:

Monthly interest rate : 19% / 12 = 1.58%

Monthly interest : 20,000 NGN * 1.58% = 316.67 NGN

Total monthly payment :20,000 NGN / 3 + 316.67 NGN = 6,983.33 NGN

Total interest: 20,000 NGN * (19% / 360) * 91 days = 960.56 NGN

Total cost of refund: 20,000 NGN + 960.56 NGN =20,960.56 NGN

How to apply for secucash loan and get approved

1.Download and Install the Secucash APP from the Play Store.

2.Register and fill out basic information.

3.Apply loan online and easy to get approved .

4.Get your loan disbursed into your bank account like Access Bank Group, FirstBank, Zenith Bank Plc, Union Bank of Nigeria, Diamond, Ecobank, and Fidelity.

Requirements to get secucashLoan

For you to be given secucash loan, you need to meet it’s requirements. The loan requirements are highlighted below:

1. You must be a citizen of Nigeria. Living in Nigeria.

2. Your age must be within the range of 18 to 60 years

3. Have a stable monthly source of income

4. Must have An Android phone with stable internet connection

5. Your phone number


6. The bank account number with which you  will receive the borrowed amount


7. Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

8. The details on your ATM card may also be needed



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