Palmpay customer care number, WhatsApp number and email

As of now, palmpay is one of the best Fintech app for money transfers, payment for airtime and bills and reward earning. But at times, you may experience some technical hitches.

This might be very frustrating at times and that is why you need palmpay customer care support contact details. In this post, I’m going to share their customer care phone number and WhatsApp number so that you can reach them through messaging or online.


Palmpay customer care phone number

Palmpay is happy to receive feedback from their customers.  They would also be happy to assist you if need be.

To contact them, please call them on


0700 7256 4357 for Nigeria,

0800 7256 44 for Ghana.

You are free to use these numbers to reach out to them through phone calls at any time.

Palmpay WhatsApp number

If you need to reach out to them online, through WhatsApp, this is their WhatsApp contact:



You are free to chat them up or message them. They would be glad to hear from you and give you needed support.

Palmpay customer care email address

If you wish to contact palmpay customer care through their email address, the following are the right email address available  for Nigerians for Ghanaians


To find out more about palmpay and how they be operate, you can visit their website the the address:

Palmpay social media support

To reach out to palmpay through their available social media, you will require the following details:

Facebook: https://


Note: You can easily recognize their personal social media account through a verified mark.

This is all you need to know about palmpay customer care service available in your area. You can either reach out to them through the details above – phone number, WhatsApp number or email address. We wish you the best customer satisfaction as you do.


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