Chymall investment 2022 updated review: should I invest?

Chymall investment is an e-commerce investment website that offers its investors the opportunity to make money without selling any product or recruiting. Investors just need to buy packages and trade depending on his or preferred package.

Chymall investment

Chymall Investment claims to pay a Return On Investments (ROI) to investors who have bought packages and have traded with their start up money.

Basically, the idea behind Chymall is an ecommerce website for shopping, but cost of the goods and online spaces are funded by individual investors.

They claim to allow the investors to buy the products at wholesale prices, and in turn, sell the products at the open market at retail prices. At least, that is the idea.


Chymall investment pay 5% on your investment every 10-12 days.

The Chymall investment scheme offers 5 Profitable packages labeled; VIP 2 , VIP3 ,VIP4,VIP5 and VIP6 . This packages are the profit making packages which require you to have $140 280$ , 840$ , 1680$ 3360$ respectively to each package to make money with them.

Each package is said to correspond to a product which investors can purchase at particular time and then make profits.

Is chymall scam or legit?

As of early 2021, chymall stopped paying investors. For now, we can say it is scam. Here are few reasons why we say this

Chymall has a flash website design with a Dummy phone number

Have you noticed this number is found on several websites?


Why would a reputable company have a dummy number as their hotline number? You can find this number on many websites. This is a red flag for any website which has good intentions for your money.

Another thing some researchers have found itchy about this site is the very poor customer service they have. Some researchers have found out this e-commerce website hardly respond to mails, contact messages and WhatsApp messages

This is to say that the company care about making money and not ready to give any explanation to investors why they operate in a certain way. This is a red flag to a company that will manage your money.

Chymall pay it’s members by using newer investors money money to pay old members. This money is what revolves around when you buy a virtual product and they tend to sell it for you. With this, we can conclude it’s a pyramid scheme.

Chymall 2022

Truth be told, chymall investment as of 2022 is scam. It is not legit. It is no longer paying investors. It is therefore risky to invest in Chymall as of now.

Should I invest in Chymall?

In this article, we have highlighted all the main reasons that makes chymall investment not legit as of 2022. So, chymall investment is scam as of now. If you want to invest, you are doing so at your own risk. So, I think you should have a personal answer to that question whether you should invest in Chymall as of now.

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